Striking by Night

Avro Lancaster


The twin-engine Manchester bomber was re-designed with four Rolls Royce Merlin engines, and called the Lancaster. It entered operational service in 1942 and went on to become the outstanding British bomber of the war. It carried heavier bomb loads than its American equivalent, the Boeing B-17. Thousands of Australians flew in Lancasters, including those in 460, 463, and 467 Squadrons RAAF.



Avro 683 Lancaster Mk I

Avro 683 Lancaster Mk I

Avro 683 Lancaster Mk I
Wingspan 31.09 metres
Length 21.15 metres
Engines Four Rolls Royce Merlin Mk.XX V-12 engines of 1,640 horsepower
Armament Eight .303-inch machine-guns; 6,350 kilograms of bombs
Crew Seven


    The Lancaster bomber "G for George" in Anzac Hall RELAWM31788