Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wartime service Memorial Box 3

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people please be aware that this resource contains images and names of deceased persons.

Filled with real and replica uniforms, equipment and artefacts, this Memorial Box explores the unique wartime experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and their significant contribution to Australia’s defence over time.

For more information on the wartime service of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, see For Country, For Nation and Anzac Diversity.

This Memorial Box contains many uniforms items and objects worn by Indigenous Australian service personnel.

Note to the reader: The objects and case studies in this Box tell stories of service during conflicts. Students may feel sad after reading some of the case studies. Encourage them to tell a teacher or trusted adult if they require support. There are many mental health organisations that they can talk to if they need help. Teachers may wish to be sensitive to those students who have personal experience with conflict, family members who are veterans, or parents serving overseas in war zones.

What's in the Box?

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Using this Box

Supporting resources are provided to help you get the most out of this Box. They are based around the stories of real Australian servicemen and servicewomen. Each story contains suggested questions or activities for research and discussion, and provide some context for the physical objects you will find inside your Memorial Box.

Supporting resources

Video demonstration

This short video demonstrates how Memorial staff might interpret Memorial Box objects with young learners. Note: contents featured are from the First World War Box.

Before you start

  • Read over the Memorial Box risk assessment.
  • Check the contents of the Box against the enclosed inventory (and again after use). Report any damaged or missing items to your state agent.
  • Wear the enclosed gloves when handling the objects and wash the gloves before the box is returned.

Where to get this Box

Memorial Boxes are held by various agents across Australia, and are free to borrow (though freight charges may apply if you have the Box sent to you). Check the list of agents and find the one closest to you.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags under the rising sun badge of the Australian Army.

It doesn't matter if you're black or if you're white, because when you put on this uniform, we're all wearing the green skin.

Captain Chloe Dray, NORFORCE

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