Box 3: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wartime service


It doesn't matter if you're black or if you're white, because when you put on this uniform, we're all wearing the green skin."

Captain Chloe Dray, NORFORCE

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have served on the front line for more than a century. In spite of official policies aimed at discouraging enlistment, some 1,300 Indigenous Australians fought in the First World War, and thousands more served in the Second World War and beyond. For many, their time in the armed services was the first time they were treated as equals.

Filled with real and replica uniforms, equipment and artefacts, this Memorial Box will help you unravel the unique wartime experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and commemorate their significant contribution to Australia’s defence.

×Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this Memorial Box contains content relating to deceased Indigenous servicemen and servicewomen.

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