NORFORCE hat badge

The frill-necked lizard was selected as the symbol for the NORFORCE hat badge to represent the fauna troops commonly encounter in far northern Australia. A NORFORCE officer also commented:

“The frill-necked has many attributes shared with the NORFORCE soldier, most notable its remarkable camouflage. By nature it avoids a fight but if cornered will defend itself most capably and effectively, while its long hind legs allow it to turn on an impressive burst of speed when needed. On the other hand, a vital skill for a reconnaissance soldier is the ability to move stealthily, stalking its prey”[1].

Design your own NORFORCE hat badge. What symbols would you include? Why?

[1] P. Rozenweig, Ever Vigilant: The Regimental History of the North West Mobile Force NORFORCE 1981-2001, Larrakeyah, Northern Territory, 2001, p. 172

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