Gallipoli Haiku

Gallipoli, friend
The soldiers fought for us then
Remember proudly
As men fell, death took
Those who died for us bravely
Do not forget them
Gunfire, blood, smoke
Deafening soldier's ear drums
Screams, screams everywhere

As they don't grow old
As we who are left grow old
They lie in our hearts
To god I do ask
How must they have felt back then?
With horror so fierce

Blinded, lost and scared
Wishing to be home quite soon
Trying to stay sane
Imagine, yes do try
Think what it must have been like
For those frightened men

A terrible loss
In Gallipoli that day
Again? No never!
Never, ever, no
Shall their courage leave our minds
and Lest we forget

By Harry, Year 6