Out in the Cold: Australia's involvement in the Korean War

Australian Armed Forces Contributions And Commanders In The Korean War


28th British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade
Brigadier T.J. Daly, CBE, DSO June 1952-Mar. 1953
Brigadier J.G.N. Wilton, CBE, DSO Mar. 1953-Apr. 1954
Brigadier I.T. Murdoch, CBE Apr. 1954-Dec. 1954
Lieutenant Colonel C. H. Green, DSO Sept. 1950-Nov.1950
Lieutenant Colonel F. S. Walsh Nov. 1950
Lieutenant Colonel I. B. Ferguson, DSO, MC Nov. 1950-July 1951
Lieutenant Colonel F. G. Hassett, DSO, OBE July 1951-July 1952
Lieutenant Colonel R. L. Hughes, DSO July 1952-Feb. 1953
Lieutenant Colonel A. L. MacDonald, OBE Feb. 1953- Feb. 1954
Lieutenant Colonel I. Hutchinson, DSO, OBE, MC, ED Mar. 1952-Oct. 1952
Lieutenant Colonel M. Austin, DSO Oct. 1952-Sept. 1953
2 RAR  
Lieutenant Colonel G. F. Larkin, OBE Mar. 1953-Sept. 1954

Royal Australian Air Force

91 Composite Wing
Group Captain A. D. Charlton Oct. 1950-Oct. 1951
Group Captain A. G. Carr Oct. 1951-Nov. 1952
Group Captain D. R. Chapman Nov. 1952-Feb. 1954
Group Captain W. N. Lampe Feb. 1954-June 1954
Group Captain I. S. Podger June 1954-Dec. 1954
77 Squadron (P-51 Mustangs and Gloster Meteor Jets)
Wing Commander L. T. Spence, DFC Feb. 1950-Sept. 1950
Squadron Leader R. C. Cresswell, DFC Nov. 1950-Aug. 1951
Wing Commander G. H. Steege, DSO, DFC Aug. 1951-Dec. 1951
Squadron Leader R. T. Susans, DSO, DFC Dec. 1951-May 1952
Wing Commander J. R. Kinninmont, DSO, DFC July 1952-Jan. 1953
Wing Commander J. W. Hubble, DSO, AFC Jan. 1953-June 1953
Wing Commander A. Hodges, AFC June 1953-Nov. 1953
Wing Commander D. R. Beattie Nov. 1953-July 1954
Wing Commander R. S. Royston July 1954-June 1956
30 Communications Unit
Squadron Leader J. E. Gerber, AFC June 1950-Nov. 1951
30 Transport Unit
Squadron Leader J.E. Gerber, AFC Nov. 1951-Mar. 1952
Squadron Leader R. S. Murdoch, AFC and bar Mar. 1952-Dec. 1952
Squadron Leader M. S. Humphrey, DFC Dec. 1952-Mar. 1953
36 Transport Squadron
Squadron Leader M. S. Humphrey, DFC Mar. 1953-Sept. 1953
Squadron Leader A. J. Bunyan Sept. 1953-June 1954
Squadron Leader D. V. Hahn June 1954-Mar. 1955
391 Base Squadron
Wing Commander K. S. Hennock Feb. 1951-Mar. 1951
Wing Commander E. A. Cross Feb. 1952-Mar. 1953
Wing Commander W. N. Lampe Mar. 1953-Feb. 1954
Squadron Leader D. St John Feb. 1954-Aug. 1954
Wing Commander C. E. Wakeham Aug. 1954-Dec. 1954
491 Maintenance Squadron
Squadron Leader C. W. Butcher June 1950-Mar. 1951
Squadron Leader C. J. Leopold Mar. 1951-Dec. 1952
Squadron Leader A. H. Campey Dec. 1952-Feb. 1954
Wing Commander E. K. De Cean Feb. 1954-Nov. 1954
Royal Australian Navy
Aircraft Carriers  
HMAS Sydney  
First Tour: Captain D. H. Harries, CBE Aug. 1951-Feb. 1952
Second Tour: Captain G. C. Oldham, DSC Oct. 1953 -June 1954
HMAS Vengeance (served in the postwar occupation only)  
Captain O. H. Becher, DSO, DSC and bar Oct. 1954-Dec. 1954
HMAS Arunta  
Commander W. J. Dovers, DSC Jan. 1954-Oct. 1954
First Tour: Commander J. Plunkett-Cole Aug. 1951-Oct. 1951
Second Tour: Captain G. G. O. Gatacre, DSO, DSC and bar Sept. 1952-June 1953
HMAS Baatan  
First Tour: Commander W. B. M. Marks, DSC June 1950-June 1951
Second Tour: Commander W. S. Bracegirdle, DSC and 2 bars Jan. 1952-Sept. 1952
HMAS Tobruk  
First Tour: Commander R. I. Peek, OBE, DSC Aug. 1951-Feb. 1951
Second Tour: Captain I. H. MacDonald June 1953-Feb. 1954
HMAS Warramunga  
First Tour: Captain O. H. Becher, DSO Aug. 1950-Aug. 1951
Second Tour: Commander J. M. Ramsay, DSC Jan. 1952-Aug. 1952


HMAS Culgoa  
Lieutenant Commander D. A. H. Clarke, DSO Mar. 1953-Nov. 1953
HMAS Condamine  
First Tour: Lieutenant Commander R. C. Savage, DSO, DSC July 1952-Nov. 1953
Second Tour: Lieutenant Commander B. S. Murray Feb. 1955-July 1955
Lieutenant Commander J. Lancaster July 1955-Nov. 1955
HMAS Murchison  
First Tour: Lieutenant Commander A. N. Dollard, DSC May 1951-Feb. 1952
Second Tour: Lieutenant Commander A. W. Savage Nov. 1953- July 1954
HMAS Shoalhaven  
First Tour: Commander I. H. MacDonald June 1950-Sept. 1950
Second Tour: Lieutenant Commander M. J. Lee, DSC July 1954-Mar. 1955
Air Squadrons  
805 Squadron (Hawker Sea Fury FB 11)  
First Tour: Lieutenant Commander W. G. Bowles, DSC Aug. 1951-Feb. 1952
Second Tour: Lieutenant Commander A. J. Gould Oct. 1953-June 1954
808 Squadron (Hawker Sea Fury FB 11)  
First Tour: Lieutenant Commander L. Appleby, RN Aug. 1951-Feb. 1952
Second Tour: Lieutenant Commander P. M. Austin, RN Oct. 1953-June 1954
817 Squadron (Fairey Firefly AS)  
First Tour: Lieutenant Commander L. B. Lunberg, RN Aug. 1951-Feb. 1952
Lieutenant Commander W. G. Herbert Oct. 1953-June 1954