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    Reflections Steve Gower
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial discusses what's happening at the Memorial

    Letters to the editor

    No longer missing Phil Smith
    A Beaufighter recovered

    ANZAC Hall
    A pictorial celebration the Memorial's newest exhibition space

    "Emden done for" Robert Nichols
    HMAS Sydney and SMS Emden

    "Constant reminder" Anne-Marie Conde
    The Gallipoli rose

    Birth of the digger? David Hallett
    The siege of Elands River

    Changing role Janette Bomford
    The history of the WRAAC

    A crucial edge Mike Cecil
    Breaking Enigma

    The mascot Darryl Kelly
    Henri Herememe comes to Australia

    Forlorn courage Julie Padanyi-Ryan
    The forgotten campaign in Syria

    In the footsteps of the Rats Garth Pratten
    Walking the ground at Tobruk

    "A good dishing" Peter Stanley
    42nd Street on Crete

    Battle of Cape Matapan David Stevens
    A Mediterranean victory

    Saving the Suez Ian Hodges
    The battle of Romani

    A "Huey" and its driver Mike Nelmes
    The Memorial's Iroquois helicopter

    Long Tan action Penny Craswell
    D Company, 6RAR, at Long Tan

    "A lumbering throng" John Moremon
    Motor transport drivers on the Western Front

    Wheels of war Mark Whitmore

    Australian War Memorial news