Wartime Issue 17

Summer 2002

Air War Over Australia

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment
  • Farewell, once more by Peter Stanley.  
    Pain and pride as Australians go to war
  • Sacred emblem by Lee Kinsella.  
    Four famous Longstaff paintings on display for the first time
  • Firefly down! by Peter Vickridge.  
    A sortie flown by Navy airmen from HMAS Sydney during the Korean War led to an amazing rescue
  • The power of myth by Brian P. Farrell.  
    Reality explodes the legends surrounding the fall of Singapore in 1942
  • Short-lived menace by Robert Nichols.  
    Sixty years ago the world was shocked when Japanese planes sank Prince of Wales and Repulse
  • Sabres in Sydney by Craig Wilcox.  
    An historic painting in need of restoration
  • Ultimate sacrifice by Ross McMullin.  
    A remarkable young soldier captured the imagination of Brigadier General "Pompey" Elliott
  • Reminders of violent times by Peter Burness.  
    Corbie, an ancient place of pilgrimage beside the Somme, is the resting place for many Australian soldiers
  • Air war over Australia by Chris Coulthard-CIark.  
    The Japanese had more than Darwin in their sights when they attacked Australia in 1942
  • An Australian at Hamburger Hill by Chris Coulthard-CIark with Max Kelly.  
    A Vietnam veteran recalls a little-known connection with a famous battle
  • Young and lost at Sandakan by Bernie Gaynor.  
    A young soldier's very short war
  • Eyewitness: Josef Holman   
    An Australian in the defence of Prague
  • The train now arriving … by Mark Whitmore.  
    The Memorial gets up steam with an important addition to its collection from the Great War
  • The WAAAF by Carolyn Newman.  
    Remembering the women who served between 1941 and 1947
  • Bridge of life and hope by Ian Wing.  
    Australian peacekeepers solve a local crisis in East Timor
  • "H" detachment Sparrow Force at Viqueque, 1942 by Brad Manera.
  • My year at the Memorial by T. A. G. Hungerford.  
    A past editor recalls his time at the Memorial after the Second World War
  • Pedigree Hudson lands at Canberra by David Vincent.  
    The story behind a recently acquired aircraft in ANZAC Hall
  • Piloting a butcher's shop by Chris Goddard.
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters and Memorial news.

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