Wartime Issue 23

Winter 2003

New Guinea Offensives

  • Reflections by Steve Gower.  
    The Director of the Australian War Memorial's comment
  • Capture of the Amiens gun by Robert Nichols.  
    The 85th anniversary of the battle of Amiens, when Australia’s greatest First World War trophy was captured.
  • The Gallipoli sword by Chris Clark.  
    Does it exist? It did, but it was not what people believed.
  • MIAs or ‘no known grave’ by Ashley Ekins. 
    Six men from the Vietnam War.
  • Recall of the Saigon Guard by Brad Manera.  
    Thirty years ago, the Saigon Guard left Vietnam.
  • Women at war by Elizabeth Stewart.  
    Nurses were not the only Australian women to experience the demands and trauma of the Vietnam War.
  • The Nauru connection by Michael Pretes.  
    A tiny island near the equator has given Australia more than a strategic advantage.
  • New Guinea offensives by Peter Stanley.  
    The Allied push to victory in New Guinea.
  • Tragedy at Jackson’s Strip by Phillip Bradley.  
    A crashed bomber causes havoc in Port Moresby.
  • Burma–Thailand railway by Ian Hodges and Daniel Oakman.  
    A photo-essay on this infamous Second World War railway built by prisoners of war.
  • The capture of Company 621 by Ian Kelly.  
    The capture of Rommel’s intelligence company near El Alamein in 1942 was a key event in the war in North Africa, but even today, little is known of this vital action.
  • Gulf War, 1941 by Richard Pelvin.  
    Iran was in the sights of the original HMS Kanimbla.
  • The broken chain by Peter Burness.  
    “E for Easy” was widely regarded as the most damaged plane in Bomber Command to have made it back from an operation.
  • The Krait by Brad Manera.  
    Operation Jaywick – the raid on Singapore in 1943.
  • A new kind of digger by Craig Wilcox.  
    An archaeological dig in Northern Australia.
  • To war with a pen by Daniel Oakman.  
    Osmar White joined the army to fight Nazi and Japanese expansionism but his publisher had other thoughts.
  • Bushmaster by Michael Cecil.  
    A historic vehicle comes to the Memorial.
  • Essay: My great uncle by Amy Westcott.  
    Prize-winning contribution from ten-year-old student Amy Westcott.
  • Despatches            
    Newsletter of the Australian War Memorial Anzac Foundation
  • Plus regular features, including book reviews, letters and Memorial news.

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