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Vietnam remembered

18 August 2006 will mark the 40th anniversary of the action at Long Tan, now Vietnam Veterans’ day, when the nation remembers the approximately 60,000 Australians who served in Vietnam.

Eyewitness: Long Tan Harry Smith

Now retired, Lieutenant Colonel Smith remembers the largest Australian action of the Vietnam War.

Eyewitness: Battle on the Soui Ca Gary McKay

Operation Iron Fox in Vietnam.

Minidress adds a bright note Rebecca Britt

Sequined lilac mini donated to the Memorial.

Subtropical training ground Craig Wilcox

One of the ADF’s largest training bases has been preparing troops for war for 40 years.

Hot environment Walter Kudrycz

Operation Bribie was one of the high points of RAAF helicopter operations in Vietnam.

Tired, filthy, but happy Elizabeth Stewart

Civilian nurses at Bien Hoa.

Fifty years’ watch Peter Londey

Australians in UNTSO.

Death on the last day Peter Stanley

The last Australian killed in the Second World War, on the last day of the war.

Gratitude: the last casualty of war Eric Carpenter

The underappreciated inventor of the Owen gun.

Hotel Japan Robin Gerster

The Kawana Hotel offered a respite for Australian members of BCOF and their families.

Painting the Korean War Warwick Heywood

Frank Norton, official war artist.

Love, letters, and war Kate Walker and Jennifer Coombes

Wartime letters held in archives are an essential source for biographers and historians. Those held by families are cherished and tangible reminders of loved ones.

Floral imagery in the First World  War Anne Elias

Flowers commemorate those lost and celebrate those returned.

Gallipoli and Tobruk David Mitchelhill-Green

Several coincidences link these two battlefields.

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