To Build a dike

America’s war in Vietnam was and still remains a controversial one, dividing veterans and academics alike.

PFC George J Pignatore

PFC George J Pignatore, a medic with the US 1st Cavalry, was wounded near Bong Son, 25 January 1966.

Gregory Daddis, a decorated veteran of Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom delivers an excellent and insightful overview of the political discussions and choices that prompted America’s war in Vietnam – from the early years under President John F. Kennedy to the fall of the Saigon regime in 1975. The article covers the struggles in the corridors of power in the US and both sides of the DMZ in Vietnam, as well as the strategy and prosecution of the war in South Vietnam. The voices against the war are also heard, particularly through “Saigon Bride” a chilling song by Joan Baez, a musical version of Nina Duschek’s poem “Saigon War Bride.” 

This article is an excellent place to begin for those readers new to the study of the Vietnam War. It will also provide food for thought for the more experienced readers.


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