Series 10: Addresses and speeches given by Birdwood and others during the First World War, interwar period and Second World War.


This series contains speeches, addresses, and other papers written by Field Marshal Lord William Birdwood between 1918 and about 1945. This series also include papers written by other individuals between 1915 and 1932, including General Sir Cyril Brudenell White, Lord Northcliffe, and the Mayor of Lille, Charles Delesalle. The bulk of the items in this series are related to Birdwood's visits to Australia in 1919/1920, 1932 and 1934 and include addresses given by Birdwood to returned soldiers from the First World War and Australian civilians. There are also addresses given by Birdwood during the Second World War, with some of these specifically intended for troops on active service. Subjects covered in these addresses include Birdwood's personal memories of the Anzacs at Gallipoli and later in France, memories of the First World War, Victoria Cross winners, the officers of the AIF, the experiences of particular units, the Great Depression, the coronation of King George VI, repatriation, and the advent of the Second World War.

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