Avro Lancaster Mk I Bomber 'G for George' : 460 Squadron, RAAF

Collection ID RELAWM31788
Collection type Technology
Title Avro Lancaster Mk I Bomber 'G for George' : 460 Squadron, RAAF
Object type Aircraft
Maker Metropolitan-Vickers Ltd

The Lancaster is a four engine heavy bomber. Serial number W4783 was ordered in 1940 as part of a batch of 400 Lancaster aircraft constructed by Metropolitan Vickers Ltd in the UK. The aircraft was delivered to 460 Squadron RAAF in October 1942. It is powered by four Rolls-Royce Merlin XX 12 cylinder liquid-cooled engines, with a single stage centrifugal supercharger. Note W4783 was fitted with Merlin 22 engines while in Australia. The airframe is constructed primarily of aluminium alloy. The aircraft breaks down into a number of major sub-assemblies for ease of construction and transport. Steel tube and forgings are used for the installatioin of the engines undercarriage and some smaller fittings. It is fitted with a tailwheel undercarriage. The aircraft normally carries a crew of seven: Pilot, Navigator, Wireless Operator, Bomb Aimer, Flight Engineer, Mid-Upper Gunner and Rear Gunner. When first constructed W4783 was fitted with a mid-under defensive gun position, which would have required an eigth crewman. There is no evidence that this position was retained when the aircraft entered operational service. A timber blanking panel was fitted in the mounting equipped with a flare shoot. This aircraft was never fitted with H2S radar. The bomb load varied depending on the type and duration of the operation but a common load was 14000 pounds (6350 kgs of bombs or incendiaries). Defensive armament consists of eight guns installed in three turrets; two in the forward turret, two in the mid-upper turret and four in the rear turret. The cruising speed is 200mph (322km/h) and maximum speed is 287mph (467km/h).