A Very Special Day

K-2 This resource for lower-primary teachers to use with their students looks at how Australians remember: the symbols, ceremonies, objects and stories that tell us about the past.


5-10 This package of case studies and inquiry questions examines the experience of Australian forces on the Western Front and the Middle East during some of the darkest days of Australia's military history.


Memorial Boxes

Put your hands on history with these engaging learning resources for any age. Memorial Boxes are filled with real and replica uniforms, equipment, artefacts, and more.

Case studies

Explore the real stories of Australians during wartime, along with collection objects and activities for class research and discussion.


Investigating sources

Resources built around primary source materials from the extensive Memorial collection.

Practical activities

Anzac biscuits, POW escape maps, and research projects — you'll find plenty of inspiration for your next classroom activity.

Education Publications

These books and promotional materials are made available to download free of charge for classroom and educational use.