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"My tunic is rotten with other men’s blood, and partly splattered with a dead man’s brains." 
Lieutenant John Raws, 23rd Battalion

What Australians endured on Gallipoli and the Western Front, in the mud of Flanders and the deserts of Sinai–Palestine, was almost beyond description. It can never be fully comprehended by those who did not fight in these campaigns or witness them at first hand.

And yet we can get at least an inkling of what it was like for the Anzacs by reading their own accounts. Their experience of war emerges compellingly from the pages of their letters and diaries.

Anzac voices features treasures from the Memorial’s archives, bringing you the voices of the Anzacs.

The exhibition was on display from Friday 29 November 2013 to November 2014.

Soldier writing a letter

A member of the 2nd Battalion "carrying on" with his correspondence, E00030