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Education Material

About the Activity Sheets

These student activities are designed to provide students with insights into key works of art in the exhibition.

The activities have been developed for students in the middle school years, i.e., Years 6 to 10. Many of the selected works of art feature more difficult questions under the heading of Look Again to ensure that there are issues to challenge students of all ages and abilities. The activities focuses on key learning areas in Visual Arts and Studies of Society and the Environment.

Each activity includes the reproduction of an artwork, background information, stimulus questions and activities. Each sheet has been formatted to be easily printed either onto paper or overhead transparencies.

The education activities have been designed to achieve the objectives of the "National Profiles" adopted by Australian departments of education in 1994. They can be used by individual students or groups, with or without teacher direction, prior, during or after a visit to the exhibition.

Student Activity Sheets