Escape maps

“A duty to escape”

Captured soldiers believed they had “a duty to escape”. Would-be escapers focused on how to get out of the camp and then how to make their way to neutral territory. Prisoners went to great lengths to obtain and reproduce maps of Germany. Many were hand-drawn while others were produced with great ingenuity. They used ink ground from pencils, gelatine (to make stencils) from jelly, lithographic plates out of limestone blocks taken from bombed buildings, and printing presses made from floorboards and metal bars. All of this equipment had to be hidden from nosy guards.

These maps were produced ingeniously, in secret and at great risk in camps in Germany later in the Second World War.




AWM RC00084
Hanover to Kassel, Oflag 79.(660Kb PDF file)


AWM RC00088
Eichstatt, Oflag VIIB (530Kb PDF file)


AWM RC00089
Western Germany, Oflag VIB. (440Kb PDF file)