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  1. Forty Thousand Horsemen

    21 December 2006

    The David Lean film Lawrence of Arabia is one of the more famous examples of art contributing to the Lawrence legend. Lesser known is the Australian feature film Forty Thousand Horsemen which can also be considered as significant for its role in legend making, however, for the Australian Light Horse.

  2. Double trouble

    13 December 2006

    Read about the discovery of a second artwork on the reverse of another during repairs to the frame.

  3. Chauvel on the taking of Damascus

    28 November 2006

    Learn about the papers of General Sir Henry George Chauvel and the scrapbooks made by his Wife, Lady Chauvel documenting his military engagements during the war and offering an insight into his actions and thoughts. 

  4. The oldest photograph in the collection

    09 November 2006

    Thomas Wingate's (1807-69) photograph of the 1st Regiment of the NSW Rifle Volunteers standing in order is among the earliest Australian photographs to document the military activities of colonial citizens.

  5. Introduction to Focus: war & photography 1945-2006

    26 October 2006

    On 6 August 1945, when the atomic bomb was unleashed above the city of Hiroshima, the world changed forever. Photographs of the devastation brought home in raw detail the shocking power of this ultimate weapon.

  6. Handbook of the Turkish Army

    10 October 2006

    Learn about the history of a rare book in the Australian War Memorials collection

  7. Australians and D-Day

    06 June 2004

    In the early hours of Tuesday 6 June 1944 British and American paratroops landed in the fields of Normandy. At dawn thousands of British, Canadian and American troops landed on the beaches. 6 June 1944 became “D-Day”, the target date on which a vast Allied military, air and naval force began the long-awaited Allied invasion and liberation of Nazi-occupied Europe.

  8. The Australian Submarine, AE2

    30 April 2003

    Early on the morning of 26 April 1915 Sir Ian Hamilton, the commander of the Mediterranean Expeditionary force, having launched the Gallipoli operation less than 24 hours earlier, was faced with recommendations to re-embark his force. As deliberations continued through the small hours, a signal arrived. The Australian submarine AE2 had made its way through the Dardanelles and was threatening Turkish shipping approaching that narrow waterway from the Sea of Marmora.

  9. Remembering 1942: HMAS Armidale

    01 December 2002

    This is one of a series of Roll of Honour talks to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the events of 1942 and this afternoon I will be speaking about what happened to the men who were on board the corvette, HMAS Armidale when she was sunk off Timor on 1 December that year.

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