• NX378 John Wilson Crawford, DSO

    Date of birth1899-07-08 Sydney NSW 
    Interwar Service 1  1922-02-16  lieutenant SUS 
    Date commissioned  1922-02-16   
    Interwar Service 2  1923-08-16  captain 
    Interwar Service 3  1929-06-15  major Sydney University Regiment 
    Interwar Service 4  1932-06-09  course Tested and found fit for Comd 
    Interwar Service 5  1933-07-01 - 1937-06-30  lieutenant colonel commanding officer Sydney University Regiment 
    Interwar Service 6  1937-07-01  staff officer G Branch 2DivisionBase 
    Interwar Service 7  1939-04-30  general service officer grade 2 2DivisionBase 
    Career summary 1  1939-08-26  full time duty 
    Career summary 2  1939-12-15  commanding officer 4th battalion 
    Appointment  1939-12-15 - 1940-04-26  Battalion: 4th battalion ; Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: general service officer grade 2 2DivisionBase; Reason for end of appointment: new command -infantry battalion: Australian Imperial Force battalion 
    Career summary 3  1940-02-13  Letter of appreciation from Commandant Superieur Group de Pacifique expressing aprreciation of services rendered between Aust General Staff and Fr Military Comd in New Caledonia 
    Career summary 4  1940-03-18  enlisted 2AIF 
    Career summary 5  1940-04-26  seconded commanding officer 2/17th battalion 
    Appointment  1940-04-26 - 1942-01-15  Battalion: 2/17th; Rank on appointment: lieutenant colonel; Appointed from: commanding officer 4th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: staff appointment: liaison officer 1 Australian Corps 
    Career summary 6  1940-11-25  arrived Middle East 
    Career summary 7  1941-10-27 - 1942-01-09  attached Headquarters 20th Brigade 1-10 Jul, 16-26 Jul 41, 
    Career summary 8  1941-12-30  Dstaff officer , Mention in Despatches 
    Career summary 9  1942-01-15  relinquished command 2/17th battalion 
    Career summary 10  1942-01-15  liaison officer 1 Australian Corps 
    Career summary 11  1942-03-14  Returned to Australia (4MD) 
    Career summary 12  1942-04-11  temporary brigadier, commander York Force (11th Brigade Gp) 
    Career summary 13  1942-06-30  Mention in Despatches (Jul-Oct 41) 
    WW2 Service 1    Benghazi 
    Citations 2    'Lt.-Col Crawford has continuously commanded his Battalion, 2/17th Aust. Inf. Bn., during the period March-July 1941. In the difficult withdrawal from Mersa Brega to Tobruk his handling of his command was an outstanding example of leadership in numerous difficult situations, and resulted in the successful withdrawal of his Battalion. At 0400 hrs on 14 Apr his Battalion was attacked by tanks and Infantry of a German Panzer Division. 40 tanks and large numbers of infantry having passed through jis front line, he personally organised counter-attacks and his handling of the situation had the result of completely defeating the enemy, destroying many tanks and practically wiping out a German machine gun Battalion, many prisoners being taken. He has constantly led his Battalion in the defence of Tobruk, and under his direct supervision the men of his command have carried out the most vigourous defence, combined with constant offensive patrollin activities with most successful results. His courage and coolness under most difficult circumstances have been, at all times, an inspiration to his command.' 
    Career summary 14    Knight of the Order of Australia Plane crash 7 Mar 43. Plane crashed p miles from Cairns aerodrome. Plane was from RAAF No. 5 Communications Flight, allotted for exclusive use of command York Force. 
    Citations 3    -EXT SHEET DN 11/42, LG 353396/41 
    Date of death1943-03-07  

    Occupation: Solicitor & Notary