SMS Emden

Emden was a cruiser that, at the start of the First World War, formed part of the German East Asiatic Squadron. She was detached to stalk the shipping routes across the Indian Ocean and quickly became the scourge of the Allied navies. Between August and October 1914, Emden captured or sank 21 vessels. In November 1914, nine Allied vessels were involved in the hunt for Emden, and the threat she posed led to a particularly heavy escort of four warships being allocated to the first Australian and New Zealand troop convoy. Surprised by one of these escorts, HMAS Sydney, while in the process of destroying the British radio station on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Emden was destroyed on 9 November 1914.


Class:   Dresden Class light cruiser
Launched:   26 May 1908
Commissioned:   10 July 1909
Complement:   361
Length:   388 feet [118.3m]
Beam:   43.33 feet [13.5m]
Draught:   17.75 feet [5.54m]
Displacement:   3664 tons
Speed:   24 knots
Armament:   10 x 10.5 cm guns
8 x 5.2 cm guns
2 x 45 cm torpedo tubes
Armour:   2 inch [5 cm] deck