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Page (file)First name on RollFirst name on next Roll
1-7A'Beckett, Alfred HowardAber, Charles Henry
1-2Aagaard, Nikolai BortzellAbbot, Frederick
1-3Abbot, FrederickAbbott, Edward John
1-4Abbott, Edward JohnAbbott, James
1-5Abbott, JamesAbbott, Richard Hartley
1-6Abbott, Richard HartleyA'Beckett, Alfred Howard
1-8Aber, Charles HenryAbernethy, Rupert Havelock
1-9Abernethy, Rupert HavelockAbraham, William
1-10Abraham, WilliamAbsalom, David John
1-11Absalom, David JohnAckland, Francis Henry
1-12Ackland, Francis HenryAcquroff, William Henry
1-13Acquroff, William HenryAdair, James
1-14Adair, JamesAdam, Robert Henry
1-15Adam, Robert HenryAdams, Alexander Herachel
1-16Adams, Alexander HerachelAdams, Claude Harris
1-17Adams, Claude HarrisAdams, Edward Buse
1-18Adams, Edward BuseAdams, Frank Roy
1-19Adams, Frank RoyAdams, Henry
1-20Adams, HenryAdams, James
1-21Adams, JamesAdams, John Richard
1-22Adams, John RichardAdams, Percy Claude
1-23Adams, Percy ClaudeAdams, Stephen Herbert
1-24Adams, Stephen HerbertAdams, William
1-25Adams, WilliamAdams, William Thomas
1-26Adams, William ThomasAdamson, John Robert
1-27Adamson, John RobertAdcock, Fernie Coppard
1-28Adcock, Fernie CoppardAddison, Barry Wentworth
1-29Addison, Barry WentworthAddison, Thomas John
1-30Addison, Thomas JohnAdjutant, Henry
1-31Adjutant, HenryAdshead, John Layland
1-32Adshead, John LaylandAger, Frank Roy
1-33Ager, Frank RoyAgnew, Louis Lempriete
1-34Agnew, Louis LemprieteAhearn, Nihil Thomas
1-37Ah See, WilliamAilwood, Frederick
1-35Ahearn, Nihil ThomasAhern, Stephen Joseph
1-36Ahern, Stephen JosephAh See, William
1-38Ailwood, FrederickAinsworth, Henry Arthur
1-39Ainsworth, Henry ArthurAird, John Grey
1-40Aird, John GreyAitchison, Angus Garnet
1-41Aitchison, Angus GarnetAitken, Charles Hamilton
1-42Aitken, Charles HamiltonAitken, James Murray
1-43Aitken, James MurrayAitken, William Stanley
1-44Aitken, William StanleyAkers, Joseph
1-45Akers, JosephAlbert, Alfred August
1-46Albert, Alfred AugustAlbrecht, William Daniel
1-47Albrecht, William DanielAlcock, Hamilton
1-48Alcock, HamiltonAlcorn, William Godfrey
1-49Alcorn, William GodfreyAlderman, Harold Amos
1-50Alderman, Harold AmosAlderton, Charles Edward
1-51Alderton, Charles EdwardAldred, Robert


Details of approximately 324,000 AIF personnel, recorded to assist with their repatriation to Australia from overseas service following the First World War.