• SMS Koenigsberg

    Koenigsberg was a light cruiser that, at the start of the First World War, formed part of the German Navy's East Asiatic Squadron. In the initial months of the war, her whereabouts caused the Australian naval authorities some concern, but this was allayed when she was located hiding up the Rufigi River in German East Africa (present-day Tanzania) in October 1914. Koenigsberg had been detached to patrol the coast of East Africa and in the course of doing so sunk the British cruiser HMS Pegasus. A blockade was subsequently mounted to prevent the Koenigsberg escaping, and after one ill-fated attack on 6 July 1915, she was destroyed by the British monitor HMS Severn on 12 July.


    Class:   Koenigsberg Class light cruiser
    Launched:   12 December 1905
    Commissioned:   6 April 1907
    Complement:   295
    Length:   360 feet [109.8m]
    Beam:   43.75 feet [13.34m]
    Draught:   17.5 feet [5.34m]
    Displacement:   3400 tons
    Speed:   23.5 knots
    Armament:   10 x 10.5 cm guns
    8 x 5.2 cm guns
    2 x 45 cm torpedo tubes
    Armour:   2 inch [5 cm] deck