Tiger Force

Tiger Force was a British Commonwealth bomber force that was intended to take part in the strategic bombing offensive against Japan following the surrender of Germany. First proposed in October 1944, Tiger Force was to consist of three "very long range"(VLR) bomber groups each consisting of 12 bomber, 6 fighter and four transport and support squadrons. One group would be provided by the Royal Air Force (RAF), a second by the Royal Canadian Air Force, and the third would consist of squadrons from the RAF, the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the South African Air Force. Tiger Force began forming on 24 February 1945 but had now been reduced to two VLR bomber groups (based around Bomber Command's 5 and 6 Groups), with 10 bomber and two fighter squadrons. The war in the Pacific ended before Tiger Force could be deployed and it was disbanded on 31 October 1945.