Online Exhibitions

This photograph taken by Michael Coleridge in 1967, shows RAAF and American helicopters in the sky and swooping over a rice paddy in South Vietnam as they land troops of the 6th Battalion,

A Walk in the Light Green

I was only 19

This online exhibition focuses on the popular song, I was only 19, which gives a first-person account of an Australian soldier's experience of the Vietnam War. Taking its title from the alternative name for the song, A walk in the light green presents a range of items from the Australian War Memorial’s collection – including items loaned by families involved with the song and a series of interviews ­– in order to flesh out the story behind the song.

Art of Nation Screenshot

Art of Nation

Revisiting the Australian Official War Art scheme

The Art of Nation is a digital interpretation of the earliest plans for the Australian War Memorial and its art collection. Memorial founder, Charles Bean, sketched the design for this building and its grand art gallery in 1919. It showcases the history paintings depicting Australians in the First World War. These works were mostly commissioned from official war artists, who were attached to military units and sketched a record of Australians at war.