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Violet and Alan Glover

The Glovers moved to Melbourne from western Victoria just before the war and Violet found work in a munitions factory. Alan joined the second AIF on 2 June 1941. Five days later they married, just before Alan began his basic training. In late July Alan embarked with his unit to join the 8th Division in Malaya; Violet got a job as a tram conductor. They wrote to each other almost daily.

In January 1942 Violet returned to the munitions factory. A month later Singapore fell and Alan was marched into captivity with the rest of his unit, the 4th Anti-Tank Regiment. From March Violet’s letters to Alan were returned. In July she was informed he was listed “missing”.

On 5 December 1944 Violet was informed that her husband had been killed on 6 June 1942, the eve of their first wedding anniversary. Alan had been executed for attempting to escape from a prison camp in Burma. Violet never remarried, and died in August 2003.

Alan and Violet Glover on their wedding day - P04254.001Alan and Violet Glover on their wedding dayP04254.001

Alan Glover's medals - REL32411.001, .002, .003, .004Alan Glover's medalsREL32411.001, .002, .003, .004

Female Relative badge - REL32412Female Relative badgeREL32412

Mothers and Widows badge - REL32413Mothers and Widows badgeREL32413

Brooch for a soldier’s sweetheart - REL32415Brooch for a soldier’s sweetheartREL32415


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